are stamps from the 1960s worth anything Only four of the 1868 George Washington B-grills are known to exist, and they are also the only B-grill stamps in existence. Most coin collectors don’t think of terms like “rare” or “valuable” when US Proof and Mint Sets are mentioned, and this wouldn’t be uneducated line-of-thought when you consider that most proof and mint sets dates trade anywhere from less than $10 to under $50 each. As a general rule, the older a stamp is, the more difficult it is to find, and so it is worth more than newer stamps. php Here are 11 great stamp stories guaranteed to have you glued to your seats. Until that point, toy cars had often been tiny reproductions of models that lacked pizzazz and speed. Patsy Cline has a self-titled vinyl released by Decca worth $75. Add to Favorites I'll try to give you some general answers, at least for U. Andrew Johnson was president 1865 - 1869. Free global delivery. They are 1942 P. Then they put their albums back up on their shelves. Postcard 36¢ | Multiple Stamp Designs and Formats. The biggest misconception is that “old” stamps are valuable. An unused or mint stamp is generally worth much more than a used one. The Stamp That Started It 11 Stamp Stories Worth Retelling. Typically, commemorative stamps are issued annually in honor of famous people, special events, places and anniversaries. You can find out how much your old albums are worth with a little education and research. It portrayed the monarch King George V and the arms of the four British colonies which formed the Union The U. Are cancelled stamps from as long ago as the 1930's worth anything? I have a collection of hundreds that came mostly from the US, but many from overseas as my mother worked at a correspondence study bureau at a university and just cut them off the letters that came in and saved them. The items that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s are now seeing a revival; Those made by a Danish or Italian designer can sell for more than £8,000 Are they worth anything? Sorry, am a bit clueless about this kind of thing, but was just wondering if I could exchange them for cash. Probably not. Or at least that’s what I’m going to pretend until someone proves me differently ;) Generally speaking, these pennies are worth only face value if worn, but can command minimal premiums above face value if uncirculated. a brown stamp 2d. On Ebay these stamps are offered from $8. 00. Each stamp is worth the current first-class rate (not what you paid for them). But, hold on. The stamps were not perforated, and had to be separated using scissors. Visit us today. The carmine 7 C. 00 Quick View Castillo de San Marcos. Savings stamps are worth their face amounts; the denominations are $0. Announcing Stamporama Approvals. Also asked, are S&H Green Stamps worth money? Yes, those old green stamps do have value. And this is all without you having to know much about stamps at all. com Rick Warren has been a stamp expert for 60 years. Gallery of Rarities. Stamps may also have value if they were issued no later than about 1960, though this doesn't mean the older the stamp, the more valuable they are. Stamp tied by violet oval h/s. 50: Scott New Issue 2020-03, Monastery of St Thaddeos, a single stamp $2. $1. 9% of all stamps are worth nothing more than handling costs. 7k members in the philately community. But if the stamp has a B-grill mark — meaning the tiny dents point upward — the value multiplies by the hundreds of thousands. 1 The 1967 Top Value catalog cover, pictured above, featured an illustration by Norman Rockwell, whose paintings were used on at least five other catalog covers for Top Value over the years. Buy, sell, trade and exchange collectibles easily with Colnect collectors community. US stamps have been a solid investment area for decades but currently are in limbo price wise. The most popular trading stamp program in the United States, S&H Green Stamps, was sponsored by Sperry & Hutchinson. Of the remaining 0. and produced three times more stamps than the U. The collectible value of a stamp also depends on the condition of the stamp. Ken Lawrence explains how to understand and identify the rare ones. Old records vary greatly in price due to their rarity, condition and the popularity of the artist. #C60), was issued on August 12, 1960. Though trading stamp catalogs - time capsules of common consumer goods - are quite desirable, the stamps and saver books are a bit more problematic: generally, only the older, rarer, and/or mint-condition (unlicked stamps, non-filled saver books, etc. 9. This depends a lot on the condition of the stamp as well. A stamp worth a few cents in catalogue value may be worth hundreds of dollars on cover because of the postmark, the postal rate, the destination or the route . “Stamp collecting is almost a lost art,” he said. In 1968 it was reported that more than $900 million in stamps were sold in the United States. 1960’s S and H Green Stamps / Sperry and Hutchinson Quick Saver Booklet Full of Stamps GoodBadandLovely 5 out of 5 stars (1,040) $ 15. Including commemoratives, definitives, coils, souvenir sheets, plate blocks and more. The Red Mercury stamp was used for delivering newspapers. 25, $0. The stamp's worth depends on the format and condition. WS7 says "War Savings", S1 says "Savings stamp". $1. eBay is a good place to determine what a stamp or a set of stamps is worth. 65. view now >. S. The forever Liberty Bell stamp is worth whatever the current standard-size letter stamp rate is, currently 0. Jeff Himler is a Tribune-Review staff writer. So I really think I’m sitting on a gold mine here. Denominations of 10¢, 50¢, and $1 were added during World War II. The U. I have had no luck finding this doll on my internet searches. 1960 Penny Facts. : 3189i It depends on which 4 cent Lincoln stamp you have. You could get just about anything with Green Stamps, from toasters to life insurance policies. The prices paid for rare vinyl tend to constantly go up as the value of common records gradually decreases to almost nothing. A 1997 sheet of Bugs Bunny stamps, for instance, sold for $90 in May 2016. The 1950 D was worth some good money at one time years ago. And what you should or should not do about it. Wondering what your old U. 99: 65%: Sorted by value: Stamps £3 to £10: 68%: Sorted by value: GB MNH Decimal Stamp Collections: 55%: UNSORTED - Pre 2000: GB MNH Decimal Stamp Collections: 65%: UNSORTED - Post 2000: Unsorted MNH Stamps 1971-2020: 62%: Made up in Bags of £50, £100 and £500 face value: First (1st 6. The question is perhaps slightly ambiguous, so I’ll attempt to answer the two most common versions of the query The first is to ask which is the most expensive stamp issued by Canada Post; i. 1960 8c Champion of Liberty: Thomas G. Most 1¢ green Benjamin Franklin stamps are common and valued at less than $1, but two rotary press varieties that look almost the same as common flat-plate issues are scarce and worth thousands. 48 Million. O. A lot times people are disappointed when we don’t want their stamps. Of note are the 1960 small date (with a price tag of around $5 and up if uncirculated) and the 1970-S small date (pulling in over $50 if uncirculated). None of the 8 stamps are worth more than 10 cents each, sorry. If your covers are in pristine condition and bear UK stamps and are pre 1975, I MIGHT be interesting in purchasing. You can contact Jeff at 724-836-6622, jhimler@triblive. 12d Black Queen Victoria : The most expensive stamp of Canada in recent Are these worth anything? If so, make offers. M. D. In the United States Postal Savings Stamps were introduced in 1911 and War Savings Stamps were issued during both World Wars. S. $31. The first stamp of the Union of South Africa was a 2 1 ⁄ 2 d stamp issued on 4 November 1910. It is also important to realise that stamp collecting goes well beyond stamps and other factors may influence the value of a stamp. By 1860 there were thousands of stamp collectors and dealers around the world. S. Lee Boyce 💵 The easiest way to know what your stamp's value is. Considered among the most scarce collectible stamps, there are only 27 known to exist as of 1981. Stamps with teeth or perfs 10 are rarer and more valuable than perf 11 even if they have the same stamp design. Below are some of the rare items which have been sold in past Cherrystone sales. Issued before 1960: The best way to think of a stamp collector is as an archaeologist of postal history, who consider stamps and covers as valuable artefacts. Is your stamp United States Scott 594 or 596? Probably not. If you have any records by Johnny Cash, Ray Price, Merle Haggard or Buck Is this stamp worth anything? reply #7. ” As with most collectibles , stamps’ values decrease depending on the number of tears, creases, faded designs, and other aesthetic issues that are present. They're worth £5 each. 00 worth of postage. It issued its British Exhibition issue, its first commemorative stamp series, in 1923. To prepare for demand, 500 million copies of the stamp were printed, which is about three times the amount in an average commemorative run. We study and collect stamps, covers, FDCs, rates, usages, routes, ephemera, Maximum cards, seals, body bags and crash covers, the machines creating the cancellations and postmarks, spray-ons and other transit markings not technically cancellations, history behind the man sending the stamp. In the target cancel example I remember those stamps all too well. Gary Posner, Inc. S, 1944 P. Country: U. 7 years ago. Are my stamps worth anything? I have a stamp album entitled "Pioneer Album: For Postage Stamps of the Entire World". Commemorative stamps are among the most popular types of stamps to collect. It is important to note that Please can you tell me anything about stamps that I have and do they worth anything. The values that are assigned to stamps by catalogues such as the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue are wildly optimistic. Star notes that were stamp cancelled can bring $15 - $30+. I don't remember exactly when I got "Annie," but she was also one of my very first dolls. Ask your local postmaster or librarian for the locations of stamp clubs in your area, or view the list of organizations on our "Resources" page (under "For Education"). You probably have some valuable pennies in your loose change! Here's an awesome cheat sheet showing the rare pennies you should be looking for. This means that the rarer your old postage stamp is, the more valuable it will be. 49 and the rate rises to $0. 00 / used $9. And you are wondering if it is worth anything. In fact, the S&H catalog was the largest publication in the U. $0. There were only 100 issued and one of them is on display at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. Valdosta, Georgia. Few stamps issued since 1950 have significant collector value. Selling commemorative stamps to other collectors can be accomplished in several ways. A complete collection is worth $12. ) will usually sell at auction The postage stamp was ink stamp cancelled at the Post Office on the first day the $2 notes were officially issued, April 13th 1976. #C61), was issued on October 22, 1960. Stamp dealer and publisher George Linn created the first first-day cover when he developed a simple text cachet for the Harding Memorial stamp issue of 1926. . 41 (click for current value). - S. Marra M. E. First off, I’m assuming that you are talking about the value to collectors, since there is no postage value once a stamp has been used. This is particularly true of stamps on cover (envelopes). Postal Service anticipated that the stamp would be very popular. These included Orange, Yellow, K&S Red, Pinky, Blue Chip and Plaid, Top Value, Mor-Valu, Shur-Valu, Big Bonus and Double Thrift, Buckeye, Buccaneer, Two Guys, King Korn, Eagle and Regal. Terms postmark and cancel are often interchanged, but they are different parts of the same thing. First stamp issue: 1938 The trading stamp boom continued quite unabated through the late 1960s. That means all 1960 pennies are worth at least 2 cents — more or less. Curious to know if your stamp collection is worth anything? Our in-house stamps expert, Daan Hartevelt, has been asked many a time if a stamp collection inherited from a legacy has any value. Orange stamps could be used to buy any food. Their value has increased since then and they are now worth significantly more. The First Day of Issue (“FDOI”) is the day on which a stamp is authorized for use by the stamp issuing authority of a country or territory. Some of his stamps were worth over R100,000 EACH, and the history behind each one blew me away! Apparently, they can range from anything between a few hundred rand to R1. ) items are of value to collectors. Includes fifteen 3-Cent sheets, fifteen 4-Cent sheets and 15 5-Cent sheets. So if you paid $0. 1899. It’s the modern ones, originally sold at high prices as collectibles, that are likely to be worth less than initially paid. In September 2013, the Mystic Stamp Company listed single Babe Ruth 20-cent stamps for $1. In the United States 1960 that was 4 cents for the first ounce. There were ration stamps for food and gas in the forties during WW2 How much is a 1960 Canadian penny worth? Whatever your desire is, this large selection of coins and stamps will help you fulfill your needs. Value of reader digest books from 1946,1947,1948,1949,1950's and 1960's. 00. stampcollectingblog. " If you think stamp collecting is just for hobbyists and not something a shrewd investor would consider, you may want to think again. Maybe you inherited it or somebody gave it to you. One other airmail one that could have some value above a couple of bucks is the 1930 National Air Races covers with the autographs. They include higher face values**. Introduced in the mid-’50s by Detroit’s Big Bear supermarkets, Gold Bell stamps were mainly distributed in Michigan and the Midwest. In 1964 the S&H Green Stamp catalog became the largest single publication distributed in the United States. denomination coil-format definitive airmail stamp, shown at bottom right (Sc. Is your stamp United States Scott 594 or 596? Probably not. 5d, 2d, 2. A single sheet includes 20 stamps, with a face value of $4. This combined with his Cost of a postage stamp was dependent on the face value of the stamp. been cheated. It has no copyright date but seems to be printed around 1975-1980 and features stamps from the U. Price: $9. The United Kingdom was a latecomer. S. Emblem, 1s: Flags of NATO Countries, 1s6d This catalogue is available from this website - click on the link above. The Penny Black is history’s first pre-paid postage stamp, and was issued by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. They contain approximately 2 cents’ worth of the valuable metal. Elsewhere 1980-81 Regular Issue Coil Stamps, collection of 6. You can exchange only if you have 60 or more booklets worth of stamps (72,000 stamps). S from 1847-1960s and other stamps from hundreds of different countries British Guiana 1c Magenta, 1856. But, hold on. With few exceptions (mainly rare US stamps such as Scott #596, or #544), the value of a precancel depends first on the town it comes from AND on the style of TYPE. The U. Occasionally ultra-rare stamps can turn up worth a fortune. reply #8. Each of these stamps are worth $500,000, regardless of quality. Year Stamp: This stamp refers to the date the Smurf mold was created (not the date that specific Smurf was made). L. 25 new and 25 cents used. 0. Stamps were printed for weights from one-half ounce to one hundred pounds. Rationing during WW2: See war ration books, ration stamps, gas stamps, sugar coupons & more from the ’40s 1940s , American War history , Vintage food & drink , Vintage money & work Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. issued its first billion quantity stamp 120 years ago and of course it is valueless in used condition today. And then slowly but So a 4 cent stamp is worth 4 cents today. These are rare stamps worth money. Stamp: Page from the Daily Mail, and Vickers FB-27 Vimy Aircraft, 5d: Europa and C. The most common of all the “penny Franklin” stamps, more than four billion of these were issued. com/stamps-of-trucial-states. Abraham Lincoln on 1870 stamp issue of the United States (Picture by Thomas Schmidtkonz) Abraham Lincoln on 1960 stamp issue of the United States (Picture by Thomas Schmidtkonz) Abraham Lincoln US stamps from 1959 (Picture by Thomas Schmidtkonz) Andrew Johnson on US Stamps. Exception: Early Barbies dating from 1959 through the 1960s in top condition still can have considerable value. United States' Space-Topical Stamps Issued as part of the 1960's set of the "Celebrate The Century" program. Stamps only cost eight cents in those days—and there was some satisfaction of getting something of value, or something I believed valuable anyway, for … well, for four stamps times eight cents One of the labels used by G-Plan until the mid 1960s was a gold embossed stamp. The envelopes have to be in good condition as well and cannot be glued or stuck down to a book. Older stamps - think a few hundred years and definitely not before 1960 - which are still on the original envelopes may be worth a premium (sometimes a considerable premium) over and above the value of the stamps used to frank the letter. Forty-Five Different Early U. $0. $135. A later Pony Express stamp, issued on the 100th anniversary in 1960, seems to have come and gone without controversy, though the galloping horse still has its mouth open. There are a lot of factors here. A select number of rare stamps from the '90s get traded for (relatively) high prices among collectors. The program had its greatest popularity during the mid-1960s, but started to decline in the mid-1970’s. During the industry’s peak year of 1968, more than $900 million worth of stamps were reportedly sold. in the 1960s, the Canada Stamps This category contains all Postage Stamp issues of our Canadian Stamps from the BNA to date. stock certificate. In the 1950s and 1960s, the US Post Office issued ten or fifteen stamps a year with a total postage value of under a dollar. These are collectible and are generally worth $5 - $15 depending on the condition, state, town, and boldness of the stamp. See more ideas about stamp, childhood memories, the good old days. Just about anything stamp related not on the above list. view now >. A mint condition version of this stamp sold for £21,000. With a face value of 24 cents and some as 2 dollars, these stamps are famous because the biplane featured in the picture was printed upside down by mistake. Microsoft Answer was, "Yes, there is a shoebox of envelopes from the years 1920s to 1950s, but no letters in them. You should reach out to the American Philatelic Society, the APS just to make sure you don’t have something truly rare and desirable. Ken Lawrence explains how to understand and identify the rare ones. This publication will help you to determine the difference between very common covers and those which could be worth £100 or more. But used stamps are priceless in the way they tell the story of America, through images of its presidents, technological achievements, prominent citizens, and natural wonders. denomination sheet-format definitive airmail stamp, shown at top right (Sc. The format of the plate-block numbers depends on when the stamps were printed, and who did the printing. Except for rare or scarce stamps AVG stamps are not worth collecting and have little value. Peak popularity came around the 1960s, according to KXRB. Old postage stamps, especially the rare stamps, are worth more than the newer stamps. Postage Stamp Sheets, 1940s to 1960s. Sc# 78 stamps 8c 1960 "PALAIS DE CHAILLOT UNITED NATIONS" Plate Block of 5. 1960 4c World Refugee Year. We study and collect stamps, covers, FDCs, rates, usages, routes, ephemera, Maximum cards, seals, body bags and crash covers, the machines creating the cancellations and postmarks, spray-ons and other transit markings not technically cancellations, history behind the man sending the stamp. Site by . They were immensely popular during the 60s and 70s. The collection includes: Forever Stamps are a special type of stamp created by the United States Post Office that will always be worth one First Class stamp. Yet, for my sister, it was 4. Priority Mail Stamp. Lot contains 45 different U. Early commemorative stamps faced opposition from stamp collectors. " There is just no easy way to tell the lady that most of the mint panes of United States commemorative stamps from the 1950s and 1960s that her husband bought are era since the 1960s may be worth pennies to a dollar or two. In 1856, The British Guiana (now the independent nation of Guyana) post office issued the initial run of 1c magenta stamps for use in newspaper circulation. Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler set out to create a toy car that looked cooler and performed better than anything else out there. S. Scott WS8 1942 25c dark blue green, Oct. If your stamps are newish, maybe from the 1960s or so, I’m going to wager that they are not going to be worth much. $7. It is the Citation Stamp Album – World’s Largest Capacity Stamp Album personally compiled by H. 1960 pennies are made from a 95% copper composition. Different colored stamps were created by different stamp companies. Website design by Broadway Infotech How the Inverted Jenny, a 24-Cent Stamp, Came to Be Worth a Fortune Mark the centennial of an epic mistake at the National Postal Museum where several of these world-famous stamps are on view Is this stamp worth anything: Mar 22, 2016 Rating: 1966 football stamp with ball shadowed NEW by: Anonymous I have 1966 football stamp with ball shadowed. BY the mag. The number, size, and regularity of the margins make a big difference to value. This rare example of a 1910 2d Tyrian Plum realised £48,300 at a Warwick & Warwick auction. The 1960-1961 commemoratives include the American Credo and Civil War Centennial Series. G-Plan furniture was made by Gomme, with its Danish sideboard range introduced in the 1960s. Now, in most years there are well over a hundred stamps. 65- $3. savings bonds See full list on values. The company started selling the stamps to merchants in 1896. Sperry and Hutchinson was eventually sold in 1981. 10. e. Postage revenue posted 1956. Find answers to many frequently asked questions. Some early US Stamps are worth hundreds of dollars and the sky is the limit when you start talking about the truly rare. S. 00 Value: As a rough estimate of this coins value you can assume this coin in average condition will be valued at somewhere around 1 cent, while one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $22 at auction. Czechoslovakia : Stamps : Years List . 49. 1% only a handful of well known stamps are worth a lot of money, whereas the rest are usually worth from few bucks to a hundred or two. This stamp was also issued in booklets, containing panes of six stamps (Sc. view now > US #1811a. Most cancelled, or used, 20th-century U. You may want to sell stamps with a catalog value of $5-$50 individually on eBay. Mint-condition stamps are generally more valuable than those in poor condition. 1951-1960 Issues (66) Modern Issues (45) Call us today to request stamps, we have Millions of Dollars in Inventory, and can fulfill most requests. no such thing as 1940 food stamps. War nickels are 35 pct. While worth fluctuates constantly based on supply and demand, here are seven stamps any collector would love to have: 1. Re: Found these old stamps - are they worth anything? Post by doug2222usa » Tue Dec 16, 2014 04:39:41 am None of the 8 stamps are worth more than 10 cents each, sorry. You don't know anything about stamps but you are wondering if the collection is worth anything. This 1884 stamp is one of the rarest from the Victorian era. The reason stamps with printing errors are so desirable is because their defects have unintentionally created some of the rarest and most visually striking stamps in the world. From those humble beginnings, the collecting of first-day covers grew into a market with sales in the millions of dollars. 1- The condition grading and centering. Let me tell you, it was something truly special. Anything below “good” isn’t worth acquiring for senior collectors; however, beginner collectors sometimes use them as a starting point, referred to as “space fillers. E. Apr 7, 2017 - Explore Janice Bergeron's board "Trading Stamps from 1950s & 60s", followed by 224 people on Pinterest. Top Value Stamps was one of larger trading stamps companies during the time period when S&H Green Stamps dominated the market. 1. Sandafayre (Holdings) Ltd. Customers exchanged filled books for premium prizes at the local Green Stamps store or ordered from the S&H catalog. 50. A world-wide album set with a reasonable number of stamps in it, a good assortment of earlier stamps (1/2 to 3/4 of the earlier pages full), no super-high-value stamps in it, mixed used and MH in earlier stamps and MNH after around 1960, and in reasonably good shape (not a lot of humidity damage, brown spots, etc. 25: Scott New Issue 2020-01, COVID-19, National Heroes, a single stamp $2. According to Exhibit Hall, war ration stamps are only worth a few cents each, and entire books generally sell for a few dollars. The most valuable items tend to be rare with a good historical story. Due to the number of these stamps in existence, they remain fairly low in value as of 2015. t Value: $935,000. The program was extremely popular through the late 1960s, but the program slowed during the 1970s. Invest in the rarest stamps, coins, autographs and historical artefacts at Just Collecting. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. To prepare for demand, 500 million copies of the stamp were printed, which is about three times the amount in an average commemorative run. These 43 pennies found in circulation are worth 1 dollar or more each! I've collected pennies since I was a kid, and I've put together a list of the best places to find rare pennies worth money. Various series of stamps were produced during the 1870's, 80's and 90's, and on into the 1900's. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. posted on ither 1946 or 1976 not sure . The stamp valued at one-cent was printed in a deep orange hue, while the two-cent value was printed in a dark blue. 5d, and 6d stamps are the ones that are most commonly sold individually. Prices include buyer’s premium. stamps are worth less than the paper they're printed on. 1960s through the early 1960 5d Melbourne Cup mint unhinged Australian Pre Decimal Stamp $ 0. Vintage lot of S&H Green Stamp Plaid Gold Bond Redemption Stamps & Others (75) $25. These books contained 24 pages and each page held 50 points. The American Elvis Presley commemorative stamp was issued in January of 1993. These stamps are held in high regard by the collectors and are estimated to be worth millions. . the world for the period and from 1850 to 1960 and I think a group Stamp collectors use the perforation of a stamp as a way to distinguish different postal stamps. And the rarest philatelic treasures can 5. Know more about it here. 30- $20. , Fayetteville A: They’re worth their face value and you can redeem them in one of several ways. view now > US #1813. Stamp collecting is a growing hobby in many Asian countries, so stamps from Hong Kong, Japan and India are popular. I use old stamps back into the 1930s as postage to mail envelopes. Masaryk. When exchanged, you can only get greenpoints, not cash. View the image $2. Recent eBay sales included $141 worth of stamps sold for $104 and $132 worth for $92. All best. 7 years ago. Each one is estimated to be worth at least $100,000. One stamp sold for £40k after seller almost got rid of collection for £50. GB Stamps 1960-1967 U/M. There are a couple of ways to answer this question. It’s the modern ones, originally sold at high prices as collectibles, that are likely to be worth less than initially paid. 80 Quick View Every stamp collector dreams every now and then that their collection would be worth big bucks. 2021 Prospect Stamps and Coins. The book is not complete. Issued by the British colony for which they are named, in 1847, this stamp was produced in only 2 denominations. Here is a list of 10 of the most valuable and rarest postage stamps in history. For every $1 worth of orange stamps purchased, 50 cents worth of blue stamps were received. Modern mint stamps are not even worth face value in the marketplace when Plate blocks, also known as plate-number blocks, refer to stamps that are still attached to their original sheet and including the serial number of the printing plate in the sheet’s margin or selvage. As a general rule of thumb, most "full" Mini's do not sell for much more than $5-$10 - This is largely because so many of them were collected & saved in the 1940's-1960's as "travel souveniers", that there is a very considerable amount of them available on the market today (these coming from the estates of that generation which is now passing The idea for Hot Wheels was formed in the late 1960s. Guaranteed authentic. Haris. 1960 4c Water Conservation. That said, you may have some valuable state quarters hiding in your collection-so go ahead and examine them! Even if you don’t discover a Wisconsin leaf quarter, you’ll begin to appreciate the skill and artistry that went into creating these special coins. The good news for collectors is that there is, possibly, more of these stamps in existence. D. 50, you can put two Forever Stamps on a package to get $1. The PO said that the new card was supposed to be a new, safe way of looking after your savings. Exception: Early Barbies dating from 1959 through the 1960s in top condition still can have considerable value. If the post office that the cancel is from is now closed, the postmark would be worth more. I showed them to the other dealers and they said they weren't worth anything because there were no rare stamps on them. Similarly, you may ask, what are war stamps worth? Completed cards could be exchanged for a $5 War Savings stamp by paying the difference between their $4 value and the current price of the $5 stamp. . The value of old postage stamps depends on the availability of similar stamp specimens. While the Penny Black was the first stamp to be How does this happen? Aren't all stamps valuable? And, aren't they worth more the older they are? No, not necessarily. Those that feature the Each stamp had a cash value of about one mill (one-tenth of a cent) and one stamp would be handed out to customers for every ten cents spent. Egerton Court Haig Road Parkgate Knutsford, WA16 8DX United Kingdom Company No. Each full booklet has 1200 stamps. When they were initially created in 2007 a Forever Stamp cost only $0. 1962 Christmas stamp What are stamps worth? Most stamps have little cash value. 00: Scott New Issue 2020-02, Iranian New Year, Flowers, set of 2 $3. Collectors will pay more for uncanceled stamps. 1954-61 Liberty Series / Lincoln 4 cent brownish rose color / mint 40 cents / used 15 cents 1890-93 Regular Issue Stamp / Lincoln 4 cent dark brown color / mint $145. Daan has been collecting stamps since he was young and has traded many stamps. Today, S&H offers “greenpoints” as rewards for purchases made on the Internet Stamp enthusiast Brian Grant Duff remembers the thrill of handling what was, until recently, thought to be the only two examples of Canada's rarest stamp, the two cent "large Queen on laid paper. com or via Twitter . 5% over the past 10 years, according to analysis by StampFinder for Forbes, easily beating typical returns on real estate, gold, fine wine and the broad stock market. The sale of savings stamps was discontinued June 30, 1970. Our survey included some 2700 different stamps with an aggregate value of over $12 million. These are rare and valuable stamps worth money. Indian collectors are buying stamps from Indian Feudatory States. S. See more ideas about rare stamps, stamp collecting, postage stamps. The stamp collection was handed down to the next generation to have fun with! I n the 1960s, airline pilot Paul Sanderson regularly visited the stamp dealers that then lined The Strand in London, and even popped along to a few auctions to bid for items, as he amassed a CONTACT SANDAFAYRE. 30- $42. Looking for further philatelic … Old stamps also are sold at a discount online, both at stamp-only websites and eBay. They are now only offering half value, meaning you get 600 points for each full booklet. This book of stamps or coupons help the driver keep track of rationed fuel. This thinner stamp makes ‘70s models easier to confuse with the stamps of the ‘50s, but can be identified by the non-bold “Zildjian Co” logo, 1 3/16” stamp size, and uniform machine hammering. You could try taking the stamps to a local bank that’s authorized to redeem U. Search by photo or text description. 4 million. 20 - $36. Hawaiian Missionaries - €39,000 Despite the cheap blue paper that the Hawaiian Missionaries stamp was printed on, these are amongst the rarest and most valuable stamps of all time, now worth around €39,000. Something else I know – or, I should say, heard of – was that stamps printed in the past 80-100 years usually aren’t worth much, but those before that have a better chance of being valuable. Unfortunately I do not recognize any of the autographs as being famous air racers during that meet so unless you can determine whose autographs those are and whether they actually won any of the races that year then it is not worth more than a few dollars. postage stamp sheets ranging from the 1940s to 1960s. But you don't know anything about stamp collecting. Collectors estimate that only fifteen examples exist today that they are quite expensive. S. 5309813 VAT#: GB696233212 Scott R194 1902 $50 green Atlantic, Valdosta Western Railway Co. Average (AVG): A stamp that has no margin on at least one side with a portion of the design trimmed off or cut into by the stamp perforations. 50 Type: Lincoln Penny Year: 1960 Mint Mark: No mint mark Face Value: 0. It portrayed the monarch King George V and the arms of the four British colonies which formed the Union The Declaration of Independence is a highly detailed stamp, and like the previous stamp on this list, even in relatively poor condition it is worth a few hundred dollars. 10, $0. Gold stamps are not issued by the US government, so they are usually not limited edition as more can be produced any time. The exceptions are S&H, Top Value, and Gold Bond. Stamp collections may have value if: They were issued no later than about 1960. This can take a LOT of study! Most 1¢ green Benjamin Franklin stamps are common and valued at less than $1, but two rotary press varieties that look almost the same as common flat-plate issues are scarce and worth thousands. The most common rate stamp is for First Class Mail. stamps: Almost all unused stamps with a face value under $1 printed in the past 60 years are only worth their face value (meaning you might as well use them for postage). 34 Votes) War ration stamps were a common item, and they are not in high demand as a collectible item, making their value fairly low. P. " Black hardcover stamp album, accumulation of Australian stamps from 1913-1960, not complete but good value in kangaroo's and KGV's, some rust is present in early stamps but value present Sold by in for You can display prices in $Au, $US, $NZ or Stg. #C60a). In this article I will give you some advice and tips on determining if your collection is worth anything. The first inspection you should make is to look at the back of the stamp. The British Guiana 1c Magenta is the most valuable rare stamp in the world. The first stamp of the Union of South Africa was a 2 1 ⁄ 2 d stamp issued on 4 November 1910. stamps are worth? Hobbizine stamp value guides list prices in new and used condition. British Definitive Stamps - Great Britain Stamp Dealers in GB Stamps British First Day Covers Jersey Guernsey Isle of Man. Green Stamps were offered in certain regions beginning in 1896 but they were most widely distributed in the U. November 30, 2008. Contains the nick name, picture of the stamp, approximate value, date, issuer and description of the stamp. The postmark tells when and where mailed. Philatelic experts have since given the flawed Penny Red a value of around $100,000. " After inspection, I paid $1,000 for that box. Postal Service anticipated that the stamp would be very popular. Online stamp club, with over 2200 members worldwide. Mint condition specimens have appreciated by up to 45. Its estimated value is between $330 and $4,500 depending on its condition. Click any thumbnail to enlarge the image. Emblems, 9d: I. There are several out there so to give you an ideal, I will list a few and maybe you can determine what one you have. S. 00 The food stamp program was started in the 1960's. This strip stamp paying the tax on four ounces of tobacco with stems was part of the 1869 issue, and this is the stamp from the same series for sixteen ounces. S. This stamp, though not exceptionally rare, is worth between $240 and $3000 depending on its condition. Single Digit: This stamp, one digit long (usually 1-8), refers to the position the mold occupies in the PVC injection machine (it is used to help the manufacturers detect defects). While most of the stamps in an average stamp collection falls into the category of US Postage (such as Forever Postage Stamps, Love Stamps and Custom Postage Stamps) there are always finds out there to be made. Dealers, as well as some collectors, did a lot of heavy speculation during that time period, and there are hundreds of millions of those stamps, both mint and used, with very minimal value, on the market today. 55c in 2019. So search for the most valuable stamps at flea markets, y Russians stamps from before the 1917 revolution and Chinese stamps from the 1960s Cultural Revolution period are particularly popular. A normal 1868 George Washington stamp is only worth a few bucks. They are of an individual country or countries. He took the Penny Red to a stamp fair in Scotland, where he found out it might be worth a lot more than 99 cents. A popular stamp issued at the time of Civil War, the one-cent design used Franklin’s profile and features a rare Z-grill design with horizontal ridges. S. 50, which isn’t nothing, but also isn’t a lot. Even silver coins of that period, if circulated, are only worth their silver bullion "melt" value, in most cases. There were other stamp operations, but S&H stamps were the most widely used. •Used US postage stamps printed in the last 70 years are worth almost nothing • Mint with original gum US postage stamps printed in the last 70 years are, with a few exceptions, worth less than their face value and can be used for postage without worry. 1980 1c dark blue, greenish, Imperf pr. 15 LL plate #149588 block of four, mint, F-VF Online stamp club, with over 2200 members worldwide. If the stamp is old you can check in the catalogs to determine collector value. S, 1943 P. Hi welcome to the forum, now for the bad news but sorry they are not worth much, the majority are those that were mass produced for collectors rather than for actual postal usage Have a read here http://www. If there are any green specks of ink, the stamp is a flat plate printing and therefore is Scott 552, the unwatermarked 1¢ Franklin issued January 17, 1923. See more ideas about stamp catalogue, book stamp, stamp. Coins, Currency & Stamps at auction, starting bids at $1. Sheets are unused. 1884 £1 Brown Lilac stamp - worth £21,000. They are mass produced by private companies as replicas of collectible or rare stamps, but since they are replicas, they are not worth much beyond their novelty value. However, a specimen of this stamp with a red Maltese cross cancellation sold at auction for more than $2. Once you've identified a stamp, you can do an eBay search of completed auctions to see what similar stamps have sold for. The painful truth is that about 99. The act of collecting stamps started when the first initial stamp was released and was known as Penny Black which appeared in 1840 and was created at the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign, the stamp is said to resemble the young monarch. Has It Been Circulated? Uncirculated stamps are those which have not taken a letter through the postal system. IS A GREEN OLD HALFA PENNY STAMP WORTH ANYTHING ON A OLD POSTCARD i have a red postage revenue stamp of 1D. Pioneer 10 November 18, 1999 Scott No. I have seven tips for you to assess if the collection is valuable. For earlier (vintage) Liberty Bell stamps, you’ll need to use a reference book to estimate its value, or talk to a stamp seller about the value. 99 to $19. 01 USD Total Produced: 586,405,000 [ Silver Content: 0% Numismatic Value: 1 cent to $22. Scott New Issue 2020-04, World Crafts Day, a single stamp $2. US #1150. US #1149. hobbizine. Some stamp collectors can at times misinterpret signs in the stamp collecting market. You should reach out to the American Philatelic Society, the APS just to make sure you don’t have something truly rare and desirable. Because stamps are sent to postal offices in advance of their issue, some are inadvertently or deliberately sold before the official issuing date. We look at $500,000 old stamp that sold at auction. Anyways, it’s safe to say I’m hooked. The Basel Dove is a stamp issued by the canton of Basel in Switzerland, on 1 July 1845. By the mid-1960s, the S&H “Ideabook” had grown to a hefty 178 pages, and stamp savers could buy anything from blenders to bras, bedspreads to “Big Boy” grills. For most stamp collectors, philately is a casual hobby, one on which they happily spend a few hours a month. In all three cases the catalog value is 50 cents, but no one is likely to offer you as much as catalog value for yours. 20. As a result, those famous stamps became nostalgic memories instead of widely-used items. With over 16649 lots available for antique Coins, Currency & Stamps and 179 upcoming auctions, you won't want to miss out. Apr 29, 2018 - Explore Lorie Gasper's board "S&H green stamps", followed by 372 people on Pinterest. 50, $1, and $5. green half penny stamp … Stamp errors are often highly prized by philatelic investors and collectors. Is it worth An exceptional selection of British Stamps currently available from stock in the following categories; All reigns, Complete Definitive Sets, Complete Commemorative, Commemorative Year Sets, Officials, Regionals, Postage Dues, First Day Covers, Coin Covers, Booklets, Frama Labels, Smiler Sheets and Postal History together with a selection of Treasure Chest items, Errors, Mis-Perfs, Imperofates An list of all the famous stamps in the world. 2 million. 1960 1961 1968 1972 1975 1977 1982 1987 1989 1991 1992 1995 1997 1999 the William Henry Stamp Company specializes exclusively in philatelic material issued by the 1960s Horsman Doll #87201-2480-NEW 17 EYE. There are countries in here that no longer exist. Very few searches come up with her markings, but none of the dolls look like my "Annie. Over Xmas my Mum handed in about £100 worth of stamps and got them transferred to that Budget Card (I know because I was standing in the queue with her when she did it!). China, Hong Kong, Japan and India are all in high demand at the moment, reflecting the growing trend S&H Green Stamps enjoyed popularity from the 1930s to the 1980s. 00. One of the specimens of 10 kr blue with black overprint (“superb, very well centered, with full original gum, lightly hinged”) was sold for $55,000 at Cherrystone auction that took place in October, 2009. A solid stamp, but lower value than higher grades of the same stamp. The company started operations in 1896 and flourished from the 1930s through the 1960s. A place to discuss stamps and postal history with fellow collectors. Iran : Stamps : Years List . For instance, you might find a set of all four of the high-value stamps from 1958 or a collection of all of the low-value stamps from 1960. Therefore one must learn how to identify types to be able to get started in the evaluation. If you have a question that isn't answered here or for more information about the American Philatelic Society, feel free to submit a question or call 1-814-933-3803. Stamp clubs can be a great source for new stamps and stamp collecting advice. A version of his Sings vinyl is worth a whopping $200. I have inherited a large stamp collection that contains stamps worldwide beginning with the late 1800’s and ending in the mid 1960’s. The green stamps do not expire and WIKI shows you how to send in your stamps for money or set up a site to use online. Basel Dove. The mintmark will be on the reverse above the dome. Announcing Stamporama Approvals. They are arranged neatly in albums and look as though care and money has at one time been spent on them. If you have pages like this of German or German territory stamps PM me I would be interested in purchasing. Bednarczyk said Congress But today, a sheet of stamps from 1962 called Stage Art of Mei Lanfang is worth around $15,000. 4/5 (118 Views. S. VF This catalog of household goods was published to help people ‘spend’ the gift stamps they had earned at the grocery store — much like the better-known Green Stamps. These stamps have a real story behind them, and the fact that they’re so hard to find certainly contribute to their value. Huge stamp catalogue with complete information about most collectible stamps This stamp is a major gem of Polish and World philately. Jan 20, 2021 - Explore La Dolca Vita's board "100 Most Valuable Stamps", followed by 918 people on Pinterest. Nice old collection. from the 1930s to the 1980s, with a peak in the 1960s and '70s. 50: Scott #3206, Establishing 8% Loan, set of 2. But the 2000s have a lot of different things than the ’60s and even ’80s. - Answered by a verified Antique Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I stopped working at the Post Office a month or two after they were discontinued - I know you could get cash for them at the time I left but I'm not sure now. Yes, those old green stamps do have value. In the real world, most stamp dealers discount their prices heavily from Scott values. T. D. 1980 3 Set of 3 Vintage Top Value Stamps Saver Books - 1960s Trading Stamps Scrapbooking Supplies Ephemera OldThingsMakeMusic 5 out of 5 stars (1,332) The saddest version of "what's my collection worth" that I hear is, "My husband said these stamps would be worth something someday and now that he has passed on, I need the money. S, 1945 P. S. Is My Stamp Collection Worth Anything? I was given a stamp collection by my Dad a few years back he did some work for someone and was given it to him by the woman who he worked for and it was her husband who i think had died, He collected throughout World war 1 and 2 I think he had got them from all different countries from Spain to Canada to The carmine 7 C. Stamps 1p to 49p: 55%: Sorted by value: Stamps 50p to £2. As another first impulse tool stamps, the shield and eagle symbol was the first that depicted someone or something other than a national leader. If your stamps are newish, maybe from the 1960s or so, I’m going to wager that they are not going to be worth much. Postage Stamps - The Basics - USPS The ‘70s Stamp is also referred to as the “Thin” Stamp because of the light embossing used at the time. S. The stamps are in good condition*. Post Office! But then, as early as 1980, green stamps were over. (Plus Ancient and Medieval Coins pre-1700) (Plus Ancient and Medieval Coins pre-1700) Collections that have the potential for most value will be individual country collections with just one country in one album or a narrow group of countries such as French Colonies or British Africa. Re: Are Canada $2 paper notes from 1986 worth anything much? Post by Global Administrator » Thu Apr 30, 2015 08:35:50 am Brit-Col wrote: Somewhat off-topic but a number of years ago - probably early 2000s - I was in Detroit for business and decided to take the train from Windsor to Toronto for the weekend. New Article: What is your stamp collection worth?- So, you have come into a stamp collection. However, stamps can still be redeemed. However, by the 21st century, certain Chinese stamps have become quite valuable. silver. 00 Vintage S&H Green Stamps 1962 Sperry Hutchinson Book Filled with Stamps Nice! In the early 1960s, the S&H Green Stamps company boasted that it printed more stamps annually than the number of postage stamps printed by the US government. Almost all used stamps are worth less (usually significantly less) than the same stamp unused. In 1893, the United States issued a 16-stamp series commemorating the 400th anniversary of Columbus landing in America in 1892. I'm supposing the blue/green ones have a face value of 25 cents. 00. Buy, sell, trade and exchange collectibles easily with Colnect collectors community. So search for the most valuable stamps at flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores because your postage stamp collecti For instance, during the 1960s, most stamp collectors weren’t interested in stamps from communist nations such as China. are stamps from the 1960s worth anything